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Charge your electric car with InCharge. We are one of the biggest charging networks in Northern Europe with 4000 charging points, covering both cities and countryside, both in Sweden and all over Europe.

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Soon you will be able to travel from Northern Sweden to Southern Germany with InCharge. At our charging stations all standard electric vehicles can be loaded. When you quick-charge, you can fill half of the battery in just 20 minutes.* Get ready to charge with Incharge! 


*Based on the three best selling e-cars in Sweden 2016, starting from an empty battery



inCharge in numbers

4,000charging points
77,646number of chargings

We're building the largest network in Northern Europe

Within a decade nearly every other car could be electric. And that requires a new type of infrastructure. You'll find inCharge stations in front of apartment buildings and houses; outside restaurants, shopping centers and office buildings. We'll be wherever there’s an electric car - at home, visiting or just traveling through.