About InCharge

Learn about InCharge. If you're in a hurry or need more assitance, call us directly at 020-52 62 00

  • Charge on the go

    Travel farther with InCharge and connect to our thousands of charging points in Sweden and abroad

    Charge your vehicle with InCharge

    InCharge is one of Europe’s largest charging-networks for electric vehicles. Today we have 4000 charging points in Sweden and abroad. Find the closest station near you on our map or in our InCharge app.

    Pay only for the amount you charge

    When using InCharge, you only pay for the amount used. If you would like to pay directly via credit card, you can use our InCharge app. You can download our app for free from App Store or Google Play


    Most of today’s electric cars have the ability to quickly charge their batteries up to 80% in just half an hour. All of our charging stations follow European standard. We have outlets for CHAdeMO, CCS and AC 22-43 kW in all of our quick-charge stations. 

    Collaboration across borders

    InCharge is owned and operated by the energy corporation Vattenfall, but was created by partners around Europe that have built and connected their stations to InCharge’s network. If your company, building or community is interested in becoming part of our larger network, please contact InCharge





  • Charge-card and RFID-tag

    Charging and paying is simple with a charge-card or RFID-tag

    Order cards and tags for free

    Would you like the opportunity to charge your car at over 2732 charging points in Sweden and abroad? It’s free to receive an InCharge card and/or RFID-tag. Order directly here, we’ll send your card or tag to your registered address and you’ll receive it within a few days. 

    Pay only for the amount your charge

    You only pay for the amount of electricity you use. Pricing can be found on our app and at all of our charging stations. All you need to do is place the charge-card or RFID-tag on the card reader at our stations. Then you’re all set to charge! All payment is done afterwards via billing which we send out each quarter. With our app, you pay directly. 

    Charge-card or RFID-tag?

    Our cards and tags work exactly the same when you charge and pay. The only difference is that the charge-card works best in your wallet and the RFID-tag fits perfectly on your keyring. 

     Order multiple charge-cards and RFID-tags

    You can order multiple charge-cards and RFID-tags. All charges on your cards or tags are then combined together, so payment is made smoothly on one bill. If you need to cancel or replace a lost card or tag, you can call us directly on 020-52 62 00 


    Your bill will be sent to your registered address every third month. You only need to pay for the amount you’ve charged (no matter if it is per kWh or per minute). If you haven’t charged at all during the three month period, we won’t charge you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding billing, please call us at 020-52 62 00. You can also contact us if you would like to change your billing address. If you want to review your charges, you can always log into your charge-control panel.  


  • App

    Use our app to pay or locate the nearest charging point

    Free to download

    InCharge-app is free to download and can be found on both App Store and Google Play. In the app, you can find the closest charging point on a map as well as find our map at BeInCharge.se

    Pay directly via our app

    You can even use our app to pay for charging - all you need is a bank card or credit card. You’ll be able to see the price, start / stop charging as well as make a safe and easy payment. No charge on our app will be made without your approval. 

    Problems with our app?

    Make sure you have the latest OS installed on your mobile device, and that you’ve updated to the latest version of the app. Contact your bank or financial institution if you’re having any difficulties with registering or paying with your credit card.

  • Charge history

    See where and how much you’ve charged to date

    Charge-card and RFID-tag

    If you use our charge-card or RFID-tag you can log in at BeInCharge.se to get an overview of your charging. Your account is created automatically when you order a charge-card or RFID-tag, and your account information will be sent via email. 

    Paying via InCharge app

    If you pay with a credit card in-app, you can review your charge history under ‘Finished Charges.’